I want to put images in the same folder as my markdown and have them still work at build time.

For better organization and shorter import paths, its easier to keep content related to a blog post in the same directory.

└─ blog/
  └─ post-name/
    ├─ index.md
    | └─ images/
    |   └─ image.jpg
    └─ component.js
Dale Gribble

According to the docs, Sapper absolutely wants images inside the static directory. This means that during compilation, the images have to end up there.

This can be done by using rollup-plugin-copy and configuring it to copy any files from post’s image directory to static/images

import copy from 'rollup-plugin-copy'

export default {
  client: {
    plugins: [
        targets: [
          { src: 'src/**/images/*.*', dest: 'static/images' }

So that these don’t end up in the repo twice, I also added /static/images/* to the main .gitignore file.